BRAND STORY – the lucky colour of OUL’ΛC: Rose Red

Rose red is sourced from the colour of rose. Roses are the identity of beauty since 14th century. Rose Red colour is bright, and it’s with power of birth, it reveals inside beauty, it’s gorgeous and elegant.

Rose Red stands for grace and bright, and with the 10 different colours in a circle, expressing the fashion and activity, meaning everyday with grace colorful nails and a bright lucky life.

BRAND STORY – the OUL’ΛC 10 petals flower

Different colours are the colorful magnificent life. Strong visual impact conveys the fashion and stylish concepts.

10 colours in a circle, it’s 100% perfect and it’s also a flower blooming toward to sun, glorious and bright.

Flowers are expecting the blossom, blossom with hundreds of colors and shapes. Women are like the flowers, looking for ultimate beauty, expressing thousands of charming and character beauties with colours on ten nails, beautiful and sexy.

The OUL’ΛC 10 petals flower, it’s a fashion flower, a perfect flower, a bright flower, a woman flower, a happy flower, a lucky flower, a hopeful flower.

The slogan of OUL’ΛC: Meet the colour of good luck

Lucky, it’s the thankful to OUL’ΛC, it’s the thankful to customers, it’s the thankful to life.

Very lucky that I met you, very lucky that you met me.

The misson of OUL’ΛC:

To build the biggest global environmental health beautiful nails platform.

The Features of OUL’ΛC Nail Gel Polish :

1, Skin-friendly

Use the advanced skin-friendly technology, improve the organic materials of nail gels, help nails be health and safe.

2, protecting nails for long time

Long lasting for more than 2 weeks time, durable protection, perfect shiny and perfect coating

3, fashion Colours

Bring the most fashionable colours with most competitive price to every woman’s life. Trendy and in time.

4, easy removing

Easy removing with health, achieve demands for different colours from time to time.



Completely scientific assessments about materials and data by international experts team, selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.


Manufacturing with strict global experts level production standards, with continuous science practices, testings and inspections, to make sure every product of OUL’ΛC are same stability, safety and effective.


OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.


We promise, we will provide good after-sale services in order to protect customers benefits. We will do professional training system for every employees , and responsible for every customers who purchased OUL’ΛC, to achieve a pleasure purchase for all buyers.


We will be happy to know feedback from customers, improving continuous, working for better services, building OUL’ΛC the global number one nail brand.